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Hello! Since you're already here might as well get some info about me. My name is Borna and I'm a developer from Croatia. My main area of focus is Java and everything Java related. I love mobile and web development and I very much enjoy design. I love working on small challenging projects that combine modern design and focus on reaching a wide audience. I love music, working out, solving coding challenges and playing Starcraft 2 and sometimes LOL ☺

2003 - 2007

I Gymnasium, Zagreb When you aspire to be the good, the very best thing to start is educating yourself. I am thankful for the wisdom and knowledge I have received from my professors that made these four years pass with enjoyment and pleasure.

2007 - 2013

Faculty of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Zagreb This university helped in no small way to shape my vision about who I want to be today. I have gained much experience that is helping me overcome most of the professional problems I face on a daily basis.


Idea Edukacije d.o.o, Zagreb Working as a consultant in the field of graphical design my responsibilities were the conceptual idea and creation of multiple vector (Corel Draw) and raster (Adobe Photoshop) graphical solutions that were presented on the official company web page.


Net Akademija, Zagreb Finished a course - OOP introduction. All assignments were done with Java SE 7. Upon finishing the course I received a certificate of excellence for my Sudoku game client sollution.


Lulu, Project Lulu or Local Urban Locations United. This small Android application was made as my final project to obtain the title of mag. ing. geod. et geoinf. The application combines an Android powered device with real time information about locations of interest.

2014 - 2015

Infosistem d.d, Zagreb Creating new web applications and maintaining existing ones using mainly Oracle tools such as: Forms Builder, Reports Builder and Designer. I was also developing web applications for the archive department of Croatian Roads (HC) using EMC's Documentum.


Accello, Project As part of my free time project I was playing around with the accelerometer on my Android device and designed a small mini game with no goal or purpose, just for testing the sensors precision of the device itself by moving a small ball over the screen.

2015 -

TIS Grupa d.o.o, Zagreb Currently working on a web application for the Single Euro Payments Area or SEPA. Working with Java EE, Javascript, BootStrap, JQuery, MySQL, PlSql, WebLogic and others


Smarter by the day Published my first mobile app on Google Play.

Skills to pay the bills


Java EE, Android SDK, Javascript, Hibernate, PLSql, MySQL


JSF, JQuery, BootStrap, Angular, Html 5, CSS


Clean code, Unit testing, Git, Github, Syncplicity


Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, Gimp, Inkscape








Smarter by the day

Belamaric photography

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Lol this is not my actual hideout, however, it would be improper to give actual locations of my REAL batcave to the average visitor.That being said, if you like what you saw here and think a potential collaboration is possible, feel free to contact me at any time regarding anything from programming to sci-fi movies or adorable cat videos ☺